J&J Alloys - Specialty Stainless and Nickel Alloy Fitting & Flange Experts

As part of the Texas Pipe Family of Companies, J&J Alloys is an industry leading manufacturer of nickel alloy and specialty stainless steel fittings and flanges.

J&J Alloys manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of fittings and flanges unrivaled in the industry, in various grades of nickel alloys and specialty stainless steel. We service a broad customer base, including the global petrochemical, pharmaceutical, refining, and oil & gas markets. In applications where corrosion, extreme temperatures, and/or high pressure scenarios are present, our knowledgeable staff can provide the material needed utilizing our extensive inventory. With over 60 years as an industry leader, J&J Alloys puts customers' needs first and adds value to any project where nickel alloys and stainless grades are utilized.

Capabilities & Accreditation:

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Major AML approved materials
  • CRN approved manufacturer (all territories)
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Forged products available
  • Additional materials available upon request
  • 24 hour call-out service