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The items listed below reflect our normal stock items. If you don’t see a specific product you need, please contact us as we can machine and source just about any nickel alloy product known from our stock forgings or stock round bar.

Available Inventory:

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Alloy/ Grade Pipe Size Range (Nominal) Flanges BW Fittings SW Fittings Threaded Fittings Pipe (SMLS and/or WLD) Tubing
200/201 1/4" - 12" Y Y Y Y Y Y
400 1/4" - 12" Y Y Y Y Y Y
600 1/4" - 12" Y Y Y Y Y Y
625 1/2" - 8" Y Y Y Y Y Y
800H/HP 1/2" - 8" Y Y Y Y Y N
825 1/2" - 8" Y Y Y Y Y Y
C-276 1/2" - 12" Y Y Y Y Y Y
A-20 1/2" - 12" Y Y Y Y Y Y
Alloy/ Grade UNS Welded Pipe Seamless Pipe Bar BW Fittings Forged/ Pressure Fittings Flanges Plate
200/201 N02200/ N02201 B725/ SB162 B/SB161 B/SB160 B/SB366 B/SB366 B/SB564 B/SB162
400 N04400 B725/ SB127 B/SB165 B/SB164 B/SB366 B/SB366 B/SB564 B/SB127
600 N06600 B/SB517 B/SB167 B/SB166 B/SB366 B/SB366 B/SB564 B/SB168
625 N06625 B/SB705 B/SB444 B/SB446 B/SB366 B/SB366 B/SB564 B/SB443
800H/HP N08810/ N08811 B/SB514 B/SB407 B/SB408 B/SB366 B/SB366 B/SB564 B/SB409
825 N08825 B/SB705 B/SB423 B/SB425 B/SB366 B/SB366 B/SB564 B/SB424
C-276 N10276 B/SB619 B/SB622 B/SB574 B/SB366 B/SB366 B/SB564/ B/SB462 B/SB575
A-20 N08020 B/SB464 B/SB729 B/SB473 B/SB366 B/SB366 B/SB462 B/SB463


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